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Instructions to Toast Coconut in three unique manners utilizing oven, microwave or broiler. With this simple to-follow guide, you’ll have fragrant coconut to use in your number one plans!

Goodness, what daily what daily this day is ending up being! I woke up early today to discover near 50 remarks hanging tight for control on the blog and around twelve messages in my inbox, all cheerful wishes from perusers for my birthday. Awww, you all! Much thanks to you, bless your heart! I appreciate the ♥.

Furthermore, as though all your cherishing was not enough, Buzzfeed featured my pearl ball recipe in their No More Chinese Take-out gather together and Foodista showcased my sweet and sharp pork on their Facebook page, acquiring wonderful traffic to Kawaling Pinoy for the duration of the day.

What’s more, the best news is, correct right now, my #1 rascal in the entire world is driving from Northern California to go through seven days at home. What preferable present is there over to have my girl with me on my birthday?

In any case, back to the subject you came here for. How to Toast Coconut is part of Kawaling Pinoy’s cooking tips series. I will be gradually extending this segment of the blog in the coming months so in the event that you have any food prep themes and kitchen hacks you need to be covered, kindly let me know.

Making toasted coconut is an extremely basic cycle yet since it’s regularly utilized in Filipino cooking, I should have an independent section to allude to for plans that join it’s anything but a fixing. Simple peasy, my companions, cook on medium warmth, mix routinely briefly and afterward turn off heat when the coconut shreds start to brown to permit the remaining warmth of the container to polish them off wonderfully. So straightforward, it’s savvy to keep a helpful dandy container of this stuff prepared to utilize.

Here are a couple of ideas on the best way to utilize toasted coconut:

On Maja blanca, obviously!

Flavorful in a Thai Mango salad <–my top pick!

Sprinkle over frozen yogurts and radiance corona for added crunch and fragrance

Tidy up your next cluster of rice

Use in prepared merchandise like cakes, treats, pies and pastry bars

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