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Directions to Toast Coconut in three one of a kind habits using stove, microwave or oven. With this easy to-follow guide, you’ll have fragrant coconut to use in your main plans!

Goodness, what day by day what day by day this day is winding up being! I woke up early today to find close to 50 comments keeping it together for control on the blog and around twelve messages in my inbox, all lively wishes from perusers for my birthday. Awww, all of you! Much gratitude to you, favor your heart! I appreciate the ♥.

Moreover, like all your appreciating was not enough, Buzzfeed featured my pearl ball recipe in their No More Chinese Take-out assemble and Foodista showcased my sweet and sharp pork on their Facebook page, securing superb traffic to Kawaling Pinoy for the term of the day.

Likewise, the best news is, right at the present time, my #1 blackguard in the whole world is driving from Northern California to go through seven days at home. What ideal present is there over to have my young lady with me on my birthday?

Regardless, back to the subject you came here for. How to Toast Coconut is part of Kawaling Pinoy’s cooking tips series. I will be slowly expanding this section of the blog in the coming months so if you have any food prep topics and kitchen hacks you should be covered, benevolently let me know.

Making toasted coconut is an incredibly fundamental cycle yet since it’s consistently used in Filipino cooking, I ought to have a free segment to insinuate for plans that join it’s everything except a fixing. Straightforward peasy, my mates, cook on medium warmth, blend regularly momentarily and a while later mood killer heat when the coconut shreds begin to brown to allow the excess warmth of the holder to clean them off brilliantly. So direct, it’s sagacious to keep an accommodating dandy holder of this stuff ready to use.

Here a few thoughts on the most ideal approach to use toasted coconut:

On Maja blanca, clearly!

Delightful in a Thai Mango salad <–my top pick!

Sprinkle over frozen yogurts and brilliance crown for added crunch and scent

Clean up your next bunch of rice

Use in pre-arranged product like cakes, treats, pies and cake bars

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