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How to Make Latik

Jun 26, 2020,  Kitchen Tips

A straightforward educational exercise on How to Make Latik, splendid coconut curds to use as fixing and upgrading for your main rice cakes and baked goods!

Latik are solids that structure when coconut cream (making gata) is cooked down until it conveys its customary oils. These toasted pieces are sprinkled on Filipino baked goods and rice cakes to add flavor and crunch. The fragrant oil conveyed from the cycle is regularly brushed on various kakanin for smell and used to lube warming skillet or banana passes on to ease clearing.

Bit by bit guidelines to make latik is an immediate cooking procedure where coconut cream is stewed, blending reliably, until the curds separate from the oil and become splendid. As the coconut cream is diminished to liberated from the clamminess, two cups of the gat will yield about a huge segment of a cup of latik.

Tips on How to Make Latik:

You can use coconut milk as opposed to the essential extraction yet it will require some investment to diminish as it has more water content and less core interest.

As the latik will continue to cook and brown in the extra warmth, channel from the hot oil immediately.

To ensure in any event, concealing and to hinder devoured spots, blend sometimes when the cream begins to thicken. Use a non-stick holder to keep the coconut solids away from remaining.

Bit by bit guidelines to Use Latik

Maja Blanca perhaps the most standard plans on Kawaling Pinoy and taking everything into account! This is a delectable coconut pudding studded with sweet corn parcels and generously polished off with latik

Biko-a cut of this rich rice cake made with glutinous rice, coconut milk, and hearty shaded sugar is basically not the identical without an abundant store of latik .

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