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House Special Fried Rice

House Special Fried Rice stacked with shrimp, meat, and veggies for a delicious one-pot supper. Figure out how to make an eatery commendable custom made variant utilizing one basic method!

House Special Fried Rice on a serving plate with fork and spoon
House Special Fried RiceHouse exceptional singed rice is one of my #1 things to arrange when I ache for Asian food and I am excited to share my interpretation of it on the blog. I’m certain you’ll adore this generous dish however much I do!

Liberal bits of shrimp, hamburger and chicken alongside the eggs and vegetables make this pan-seared rice a flavorful and filling dish, however you can utilize your decision mix of protein and veggies. It’s a tasty method to prepare a delightful dinner from the previous extra steamed rice and whatever miscellaneous items you have close by!

sliced beef, shrimp, chicken, peas and carrots, steamed rice, eggs, fish sauce

I like to utilize peas and carrots, yet bean sprouts, youthful corn, bamboo shoots, green chime pepper strips, and spring onions are similarly superb additions.  I likewise went all out with shrimp and slight cuts of hamburger sirloin and chicken bosom, however go ahead and trade with diced ham, Chinese wiener, roast sui pork.

Flavors are a straightforward blend of soy sauce and sugar to add a sweet and appetizing taste and a couple of sprinkles of sesame oil to help smell and flavor. Go ahead and kick it up with kecap manis or clam sauce.

cooking stir-fried with shirmp, eggs, peas and carrots, chicken, and beef in a pan

Keeping meat moist and tender

Despite the fact that making seared rice is really direct, this formula requires somewhat more elaborate cooking measure which makes it additional extraordinary. One system I utilize and enthusiastically suggest is the Chinese cooking technique, velveting.

The shrimp and the meager cuts of meat and chicken are first marinated in cornstarch and afterward immediately whitened in hot oil before momentarily threw in the wok with the remainder of the fixings. This additional progression however requires more work, guarantees the meat stays wet, delicate, and smooth even with the high-heat cooking needed in pan-searing.

fried rice with shrimp, beef, and chicken in a pan

Helpful tips

  • For the best surface, utilize cold day old rice, If utilizing newly cooked, spread out the rice in a far layer on a heating sheet and stick in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to dry out and totally cool.Making singed rice is a speedy interaction so ensure every one of the fixings are prepared and all set.

    Cut the meat in uniform, nibble sizes for quick and in any event, cooking. To make cutting simpler, freeze the hamburger sirloin and chicken bosom until somewhat firm in advance.

    Utilize a wok or a wide search for gold appropriation of the fixings without spilling and to give the rice adequate room to toast pleasantly.

    Utilize high warmth to keep the rice from adhering to the surface and to give it a pleasant, hot flavor.

    Add fluid flavors sparingly in case the rice gets soft from the abundance dampness.

fried rice with meat and shrimp on a serving plate

How to serve

  • House unique seared rice is heavenly as a side dish or a total supper in itself. Present with chow mein and sweet fire chicken for Chinese take-out night!Permit extras to cool totally prior to putting away in impermeable holders or resealable packs. Refrigerate for as long as 3 days or freeze for as long as 90 days.

    To warm, defrost totally, and warm up singular servings in the microwave. Cover the plate with a wet paper towel to keep the rice from drying out.

    For bigger parts, warm in the stove to forestall cold spots alongside overcooked areas. Move the rice to a stove safe preparing dish, flick a couple of drops of water on the outside of the rice, and cover the dish firmly with foil to trap dampness.

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