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House Special Fried Rice

House Special Fried Rice stacked with shrimp, meat, and veggies for a flavorful one-pot dinner. Sort out some way to make a diner excellent uniquely crafted variation using one fundamental technique!

House Special Fried Rice on a serving plate with fork and spoon
House Special Fried RiceHouse uncommon scorched rice is one of my #1 things to orchestrate when I hurt for Asian food and I am eager to share my understanding of it on the blog. I’m sure you’ll venerate this liberal dish whatever amount of I do!

Liberal pieces of shrimp, burger and chicken close by the eggs and vegetables make this skillet singed rice a tasty and filling dish, anyway you can use your choice blend of protein and veggies. It’s a delectable strategy to set up a magnificent supper from the past extra steamed rice and whatever random things you have nearby!

sliced beef, shrimp, chicken, peas and carrots, steamed rice, eggs, fish sauce

I like to use peas and carrots, yet bean sprouts, young corn, bamboo shoots, green ring pepper strips, and spring onions are comparably eminent additions.  I in like manner went all out with shrimp and slight cuts of cheeseburger sirloin and chicken chest, anyway feel free to exchange with diced ham, Chinese wiener, broil sui pork.

Flavors are a clear mix of soy sauce and sugar to add a sweet and tempting taste two or three sprinkles of sesame oil to help smell and flavor. Feel free to kick it up with kecap manis or mollusk sauce


cooking stir-fried with shirmp, eggs, peas and carrots, chicken, and beef in a pan

Keeping meat moist and tender

In spite of the way that making singed rice is truly immediate, this recipe requires to some degree more intricate cooking measure which makes it extra phenomenal. One framework I use and eagerly recommend is the Chinese cooking technique, velveting.

The shrimp and the pitiful cuts of meat and chicken are first marinated in cornstarch and a while later promptly brightened in hot oil before immediately tossed in the wok with the rest of the trimmings. This extra movement anyway requires more work, ensures the meat stays wet, fragile, and smooth even with the high-heat cooking required in container burning.

fried rice with shrimp, beef, and chicken in a pan

Helpful tips

  • For the best surface, use cold day old rice, If using recently cooked, spread out the rice in a far layer on a warming sheet and stick in the fridge a few hours to dry out and absolutely cool.Making scorched rice is a fast collaboration so guarantee all of the trimmings are ready and good to go.

    Cut the meat in uniform, snack sizes for fast and regardless, cooking. To simplify cutting, freeze the burger sirloin and chicken chest until to some degree firm ahead of time.

    Use a wok or a wide quest for gold apportionment of the trimmings without spilling and to give the rice satisfactory space to toast charmingly.

    Use high warmth to hold the rice back from clinging to the surface and to give it a wonderful, hot flavor.

    Add liquid flavors sparingly on the off chance that the rice gets delicate from the bounty sogginess.

fried rice with meat and shrimp on a serving plate

How to serve

  • House novel singed rice is eminent as a side dish or an all out dinner in itself. Present with chow mein and sweet fire chicken for Chinese take-out night!Permit additional items to cool absolutely preceding taking care of in impermeable holders or resealable packs. Refrigerate for up to 3 days or freeze for up to 90 days.

    To warm, thaw out absolutely, and warm up particular servings in the microwave. Cover the plate with a wet paper towel to hold the rice back from drying out.

    For greater parts, warm in the oven to hinder cold spots close by overcooked regions. Move the rice to an oven safe planning dish, a few drops of water outwardly of the rice, and cover the dish solidly with foil to trap sogginess.

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